Halloween Gryphon

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Stands roughly 6.7 inches, real glass eyes, made up super sculpey clay, original sculpt and paint job. Sprayed with protective matte coating, and added glossy accents.

Send me a message if your interested in purchasing this. 100 bucks shipping not included.


Draconic Dancer

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Painting is complete, I give you Draconic Dancer! 8×10 inches, mixed medium on watercolor paper. I currently have it on eBay for a great low price, 24.99 starting bid! Click Here to see the Auction.

Draconic Dancer

Equine WIP

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New work in progress, a new equine piece, a pegasus with draconic like wings! Dark bay with an appaloosa influence! it is mixed medium (watercolor paint, colored pencil and ink) on 8×10 watercolor paper. Hope to have it done within the next day or so! Interested? send me an offer :)

Quizzie reborn!

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Hello everyone, been some time since I did an update, I have been very busy making new clothing items on Second Life (see blog here) But I have been recently inspired but an old critter I made up years ago called the Quizzie. Perhaps some of you remember? Back in the day when eBay was a more lucrative source of selling original artwork! I’ve had my quizzie also refereed to as ugly bunnies lol. I name em Quizzies for being quizzical, they came from an idea I had for a story I had started writing. You can read a bit on Elfwood in my old “Tribes of Arcadia”

This is one of my original Quizzie paintings, acrylic on canvas pad.

And here is the new one! Prints are available for anyone interested in it :) This is an 8x 10 digital painting.


seasonal wolf

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Working on a new painting! an Anthro peice! I think it will turn out pretty nice. I hoping for another excelent peice like Courgar Contemplation. Will be a mixed medium on watercolor paper 8×10. I have part of a inked sketch here. I didnt do much on the background, Ill just be painting that in as I go.


Prints and originals!

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So! I have added a bunch of prints for sale on eBay they are set at a fixed price! 10.00 each and 5 dollars shipping, if you buy more then one I could combine on shipping though. They are also available of course on my website on the Prints Page, but for those comfortable purchasing through eBay, I have a selections available.

Also I have a bunch of originals that need a good home! Gypsy Love and Flame Wielder are still looking, you can find them on my original creations page.

Also dont forget to sign up for your chance to win the Current Contest for the Dappled Grey prize pack! Click here!

Contest! Win Dappled Grey Package!

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Win the Dappled Grey Pack!

Currently I am holding a contest for this Dappled Grey fantasy art package! It features a fine art fantasy print, a button, a post card and a bookmark! Equine/unicorn lovers, this contest is for you! And to enter is simple.

Registered your email to my newsletter and on October 31st I will choose a random winner! You can register your email by Clicking Here! be sure you follow through all the steps to make sure you are properly registered!

Again Contest ends October 31!

Winner receives the prize pack free!

Dappled Grey Prize

New Zazzle Store!

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I have a new Zazzle store! so you can buy my artwork on a variety of fun items! Mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, post cards, binders and more! Great gift ideas, be it for a friend or loved one, or a treat for yourself! I have all my recent works up, I still have a few anthro pieces to put up there, coming soon though. Let me know in comments if you would be interested in this artwork on clothes. Id like to see about getting some t-shirts.

make custom gifts at Zazzle

New! Gypsy Love!

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I have completed another painting, an equine piece to add to my collection of fantasy horses! This one is inspired for my love of Gypsy Vanner horse, by far the most beautiful breed of them all! This painting is 9×12 inches mixed medium on watercolor paper. Its currently listed on eBay, so Click Here to see the listing!


Prints are available Here!

In other news!

My artwork was recently added to a site called KillerPumpkins.com They asked to feature my Jack-o-Dragon painting on their side under their collection of “killer artists!” I’m proud to have been asked. You can see my painting Here!

And my newest painting “Flame Wielder” was chosen for moderators picks on Elfwood! Click here!

Bookmarks now available!

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Hey everyone! finally my tassels came and I was able to put together my new bookmarks!

All bookmarks are approximately 6 1/2 inches tall  by 2 inches wide. Printed on card stock and slid into a protective sleeve. Each with a Chainette bookmark tassel in the color willow green.


Pick one up on the new bookmark page! Click Here!